Red Tide Quotes From Residents and Visitors – 2018 and 2019

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I live near Siesta, & we haven’t been in the water since July!!

I went to Lido Beach or later this week the water was dark and murky..this has been going on way too long what is going on or what is going to be done about our beautiful Gulf of Mexic??? I lived here well over 25 years and I never seen the water look as bad as it does this is been going on for almost a year now I will not swim in the water nor will I allow my family to go in the water

All of Sarasota-Bradenton businesses are going to go downhill because of this problem what is being done and how will we know if our Waters will ever be safe it’s very sad

The map agrees with our experience at shore … bad bronchitis after a few hours by the water

a boating trip from downtown FMBeach over to Pine Island & back (4hrs on the water). Within2 days breathing compromised & turned into gunky coughing. Inhalers & expectorant needed

When there is west wind on Longboat Key we can’t breath without choking and coughing and people are getting sick with infections going to the Hospital.

Just spent few weeks in Indian Shores & had to use my puffers often but it always depended on the wind

I awoke with a full blown Asthma attack that took 45 minutes to 1 hour to get under control. Something has got to be done. I have lived in Florida for almost 50 years and it is progressively worse. Please help save our State. There were days when I couldn’t even go outside and I missed 2 weeks of work on and off.

Downtown Sarasota smells this afternoon

our friends moved to Rotonda West a few years ago. both have had the worst lung issues happen since their move.

All my friends and family have cancelled their vacations and that makes me sad because I will NOT do winter. I do not like the fact I can not go to the beach though. Will not breathe it and the fish bring biting flies. Please be smart and cut off Lake O

SWFL isn’t so great without the beaches. Thinking of selling before the bottom drops out of the real estate market.

I’m sorry about my rental property in Sarasota. No beach , no renters


Idiots need to Stop dumping Lake o …. it’s fueling red tide like gas on a fire …. they turned the west coast of Florida’s gulf into one big dead , toxic , dirty toilet …. gross negligence

My family is not heading to our annual vacation in Naples this summer….which has become our home away from home. It’s so sad to see what’s happening and even sadder to see the complacency among the people. Why? Why wouldn’t Floridians have voted to change this atrocity?

Red Tide has decimated the tourist business in the affected area of Florida! These areas will soon be ghost towns! What’s the beach without beachgoers? A desert!

How long will it take to recover from this bloody ecological disaster ? I spent so much time down in the southwest I can’t believe this!!!Such a shame and the worst It is being caused by humans

Snook season has been canceled and no Redfish taken in designated waters even if in season due to incomplete data also

It is horrible in Sarasota! I can smell it everywhere i go!

It has smelled horrific in Englewood the last two days. If it is not the Red Tide than they are dumping again in the sewers.

We need to start being proactive. Spending tax dollars to record fish kills and not spending them to clean up our waters, is like driving while looking in the rear view mirror.