Red Tide Air is VERY bad for Humans – and all living things

There are sins of commission and sins of omission and the effects of wind driven Red Tide is one of the major parts of the great coverup. Let’s start with the basics.

  1. Red Tide is an extremely powerful neurotoxin – to lay people this effectively means it’s a biological weapon when ingested either in the air or through the food chain.
  2. The health effects are many  – people are being harmed without knowing it, as the toxin is odorless and tasteless. Fish and shellfish can contain small amounts which build up in humans and compromise the immune system.
  3. Scientific studies like those done by the truly “not bought off” National Institutes of Health show serious health effects on animals (sheep, rats, etc.) and humans.

This is a very dangerous poison and yet Florida treats it like a nuisance. State and local orgs as well as media suggest you can go to the beach despite the presence of Red Tide…and perhaps wear a face mask. This is crazy talk – a mask cuts down about 45% of the toxin, yet levels in the sea are 100X to 1000X time (sometimes MORE) than background.

Of course, Florida is not going to put signs on the beach that say “POISON – STAY AWAY” and they are not going to warn elders, pregnant women, those with compromised immune systems and other populations (most of us, really!) that these are health and life threatening toxins. TOO MUCH MONEY IS INVOLVED AND FLORIDA HAS ALWAYS BEEN CORRUPT IN THIS FASHION. Money means everything to “the state” and the establishment here (developers, realtors, tourism businesses, etc.).

Here are some links to existing studies and data from professionals – which discuss the health affects. We took some of the data and updated it internally on spreadsheets and suffice it to say that the costs to the economy are tremendous….just in Medical Care alone. But often the Red Tide is not directly connected to the problems it causes…a person may get a compromised immune system from Red Tide and then get seriously ill with the flu. Records will not show that Red Tide caused it. To put it simply, it is our opinion that the problem is much worse than it is being made out to be due to their ($$$) ability to “get away with it”.

Without further comment, here are links to some science.

Red Tide Healthcare effects from the University of Miami:

Red Tide Health Studies by the National Institute of Health (NIH):

Here is a study from over a decade ago showing Red Tide aerosol (the wind…with the red tide in it) up to 6.4km inland.

Note – in Jan. 2018 my entire family along with an infant and nursing mother developed sore throats and coughs even though we were not within a mile of the Gulf. The wind was onshore and we were over a mile inland from the Bayfront.

Red Tide is bad enough – but the lack of government oversight and warnings…and, in fact, the complete opposite (intentionally) to NOT inform and educate borders on the criminal. After all, what decent human being would want pregnant women, elders and other such populations exposed to deadly toxins that will harm their health…without full knowledge of the situation??

The next time you see a news article telling you to wear a mask…please contact the author and ask them why they are telling people to ingest neurotoxins with many dangerous known (and unknown) effects.