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I won’t go back until Mote starts telling the truth about our red tide nightmare here in SW Florida. Everything I have read, every scientist who has posted, is in direct contrast to what Mote has to say. Those other scientists are pointing directly to phosphates and nitrogen from Lake Okeechobee releases. Mote claims there’s no connection. My degree is not in science but it’s not hard for me to connect the dots between releases from Lake Okeechobee and toxic algae bloom killing our marine life in the Gulf of Mexico a day later.

You were founded to research Red Tide…everyone knows the damage that phosphate mining does to this beautiful state. ANY money or services taken from them, should be a conflict of interest and it makes you have zero credibility to those of us who love everything natural about this state and it’s amazing sea life!

Mote hates it even more that we are being informed by filter free grass roots journalists. Plush toy dolphins and touchy feely critter pools are no substitution for objective, politics free science. Mote is fully aware of its shortcomings in this regard, but the favoritism and financial underwritting is sweet enough to get them past the crappy taste of the pride they must swallow every time they state that there is no provable link between savage, disproportunatly strong red tide blooms and land supplied nutrient pollution. Fake it till you make it should be on their science department’s letterhead. There aren’t hot enough coals in hell for bastards like that

SO DISAPPOINTED: For years I have admired and loved Mote Marine, considering it a reliable and respected resource for promoting healthy environmental awareness. However, SADLY, the alliance they have formed with Mosaic now has shattered that image. Their “scientific” commentary regarding red tide is reminiscent of the bogus “studies” that were formerly funded by the tobacco industry that tried to assure us that smoking was ‘not’ connected to lung cancer! I now fear that, unless Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium will boldly confront the real science regarding this ecological atrocity, like big tobacco, they will be complicit in the loss of many lives and the planet itself

So, is it so difficult to be honest and look after the environment, the planet and humans ? why are you choosing to protect and support criminal polluters instead of stopping and denounce them ? BTW the red tide is not only on the West Coast but also on the East Coast, in Key West and has reached Bahamas as well, more precisely Freeport. These are crimes committed by polluting companies and all those who defend them and protect them : YOU, Rick Scott , and I would add the President as well. Disgusting.

Mote is no longer what it was from its inception. The vast majority of everything that made it great, is now overshadowed by the actions of the heinous few who have captured its administrations.

Such a shame.

#KareniaBrevis feeding on the Harmful Algae Blooms has cost Florida out of its wildlife habitat. Mote’s officials who claim that the release of those waters are not a factor, have betrayed the public, and our ecology.

It has hard for me to believe that Mote has been radio silent on what is going on in SW Florida (as well as other locations). I have taken my kids there a number of times but I will not do that any longer. It breaks my heart. The way this is going, the only places in Florida you will be able to see our wonderful sea life will be in an aquarium. Money, greed and politics have taken over. Disgusting!!!!

I used to love Mote. I spent so much time there with my boys when they were young. We went all the time . Our family has a brick there and we donated or paid yearly multiple times. Why no word on our sea life crisis ???? What are you doing? I am so very disappointed . You are too busy still studying that natural “Red Tide” I guess. Your page , not a word about all the deaths .

They take money from Mosaic Company, one of the biggest environmental criminals in the state. Big sugar uses their junk science on their website to combat the actual facts of what’s occurring with the blue-green algae bloom – the ecological disaster caused, in part, by Mosaic and Big Sugar. It saddens me that what is supposed to be a research facility has become a shill for the environmental rapists.

This is not a viable organization anymore. Go elsewhere to learn about marine issues. You won’t get accurate information from Mote.

MOTE takes contributions from Mosaic Phosphorus Mining. MOTE probably knows Phosphorus and Nitrogen grow red tide but won’t say it. And the worst part is anyone who has ever owned any aquarium knows that balance is important yet MOTE says nothing when the Caloosahatchee River is sending Lake Okeechobee Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Bacteria into the Gulf. Have a conscience. People including elderly and children are sick. Doctor’s offices are busy. If you find the answers, does that put you out of business, is that it?