Red Tide Cover Up Goes Live

There is a plot – a conspiracy involving billions of dollars and paid-off politicians, scientists, developers and others – to keep members of the public from learning about the ongoing destruction of the Florida environment. This plot is quite similar to many others you may have heard about, such as Exxon hiring Scientists and PR Firms to instill FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) in the minds of the public. But even Exxon has long ago admitted this and (somewhat) changed their ways. Florida, on the other hand, is headed in the opposite direction. Rick Scott, the outgoing Governor, has taken many actions to make this problem worse and completely denies facts such as Global Warming (Climate Change), excess nutrient runoff and the effects of Lake Okeechobee drainage to both coasts. These actions will be detailed in other pages here on an ongoing basis, however here is a quick introduction to some of the basics.

  1. Red Tide – is a HAB (Harmful Algae Bloom) which is toxic to ALL life, Marine and otherwise. It has occurred very occasionally throughout history however yearly blooms have only occurred since 1998. As an example of the rarity of Red Tide in past history, the book “History of Sarasota”, does not mention it for the 200 years+ of history that the book covers. The book does cover how clean our bays and Gulf was and how the fish and other marine life were abundant (less so today).
  2. As with most Algae and similar life forms, Red Tide feeds on nutrients in the water. Warmer waters and more nutrients add up to longer lasting and more damaging blooms in the shallow waters near the coast.
  3. ALL current Florida Government Entities are banned from even using the words “Global Warming” or “Climate Change” and it’s been made clear that any hint of Red Tide being anything but “100% natural” is frowned upon (and could cause loss of a job!). Hard to believe? Please see these quotes which are purposely added to Press Releases from the Florida State Government about Red Tide –
    “we must increase our efforts to find a cause and solution for naturally occurring red tide.” (Rick Scott)
    “As our state continues to battle naturallyoccurring red tide along our Gulf Coast” (Rick Scott)
    In fact, EVERY SINGLE statement that has come from the Florida Government (and other associated) organizations contains this phrase. Why? Simple – it’s part of the plot. Repeat the same lies over and over again and lots of people and media will repeat them for you.

There is, of course, lots more information about this issue – hence the reason for this site. We won’t be spreading falsehoods – we will tell it like it is and link to REAL Scientists, Biologists and others who can educate all of us in regards to this issue. Perhaps we will just be a voice in the wilderness…or, maybe with enough pressure the Florida Government will remove its head from the sand and get to work mitigating this man-made crisis. Yes, Red Tide is “natural” the same way cancer, the flu, arsenic, yellow fever and many other biological realities are – but the SIZE and SCOPE of Red Tide along our coasts is not natural. It is fueled by human activity.

Thanks for Reading and Please help Florida in any way you can. It’s the least we can do for future generations.

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